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Finanacial Firm Rebrand

We were presented the opportunity to completely rebrand a large financial firm, beginning with their logo and building out a brand identity system to ensure consistency, including a comprehensive brand guideline document. (not pictured due to confidentiality)

Additionally, this new design system set the stage as the client just purchased a brand new office facility that would need the brand elements tied into the environment. Our process began with in-depth discussions and meetings with all stakeholders to better understand their intended brand voice and tone. We conducted extensive design research, providing moodboards and examples to help bring the client’s vision to life while ensuring we fully understood their business. After presenting 3 potential design concepts and through continuously iterating, we landed on a strong, recognizable logo mark that represented the business vision and elevated their tagline. The logo mark represents the tagline “A Wealth Plan Driven by Your Life Plan” and further reinforces the intersection of wealth and life by using the two colors surrounding the road with the customer driving in the middle. The square, rounded corners represent structure but also have a softer, human-first, friendly touch. The typography is bold and has a strong overall impact.

After final delivery of all iterations of the logo, the CEO, senior leadership team, and employees were incredibly enthusiastic and excited to have a new, fresh, and current brand that they can be proud of. They also shared how easy and fun the process was and that they learned a lot along the way.  This new logo and identity has given them the confidence they need as they put their best foot forward when interfacing with their clientele.

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